The Matrix Algo

Highly scalable – high performance Algo with focus on low drawdowns and smoother equity curve

Minimum Capital: 1Cr.

Ultra-low drawdown: 0.94%

The AlphaVision Algo

A high performance algo that focuses on passive earning on regular days and aggressive earning on expiry days which historically yields to higher profits and lower drawdowns

Minimum Capital: 50L

Low Drawdown: 1.2%

The Oracle Algo

The Oracle is a combination of highly non – correlated strategies covering all types of market scenarios. It results in superlative returns with controlled risk.

Minimum Capital: 1.25Cr.

Low Drawdown: 1.1%

The Orion Algo

The Orion was developed by keeping in mind the intricacies that come along as we trade with bigger capital.
It’s a well diversified algo containing 45+ non correlated strategies to capture maximum market moves while maintaining its low drawdowns

Minimum Capital: 3Cr.

Low Drawdown: 1.58%

Performance Disclaimer

The stats here a combination of backtested results and not real live performance. Due to the inherent nature of the market, there can be variations in the end result of strategies due to a variety of reasons. The real performance can be different from the backtested performance and this is often the case. We are not SEBI registered. Please consult your Financial Advisor before acting on this data.