Training and Mentorship

Learn how to build and trade on your own strategies. Real conviction cannot be built on borrowed ideas. Our webinars and workshops focus on teaching the art of trading and leveraging the power of systematic trading with emphasis on risk management, money management, trading psychology and biggest of all scalability.

Intraday Strategies Building

The course focuses on understanding the process of building and implementing your own intraday trading strategies because true conviction is only built when you trade your own setups. We guide you step by step and focus on the why and how more than the what.

6 Months Mentorship

An intensive learning program that lasts for 6 months covering all aspects of learning the art to trade and manage money while mechanically scaling it is designed with an idea to guide those who have some serious goals to achieve in trading. The course consists of daily interactions, weekly zoom sessions and much more

Batches Starting – 1st April, 2023

Trade Live With Us

Always wanted to see how a professional trading desk functions? Join us for at our Mumbai office and learn how professional traders trade for a living.. experience firsthand the psychology, risk management & trading style that we have developed over the years. Learn practically How to Trade using Bigger Funds

Workshop Dates : 2-3 April, 2023